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What’s the Correct Diagnosis Code for a Urine Drug Test?

Posted on 20. Oct, 2009 by .


Question: What is the proper ICD-9 code when the lab performs a urine drug test?

Answer: ICD-9 does not provide one specific code for a urine drug test. The correct diagnosis code to report when billing for the lab test depends on the signs, symptoms, patient condition, or other reason for the test, such as screening. The ordering physician will assign a narrative diagnosis or ICD-9 code when requesting a urine drug test from the lab.

For example: A high school student previously diagnosed as marijuana dependent is doing poorly in school. Suspecting marijuana use again, the physician orders a urine drug screen. In this case, the most appropriate code is 304.30 (Cannabis dependence, unspecified).

In another case: A physician might order a general screening urine drug test such as 80100 (Drug screen, qualitative; multiple drug classes chromatographic method, each procedure) for anĀ  elderly patient prior to admission to a…

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