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Medicare Will Pay for Some Telehealth Services: The Lowdown on How to Report Them

Posted on 12. Aug, 2009 by .


If you’re confused about whether Medicare covers telehealth services, look no further. CMS recently released a MLN Matters fact sheet on the topic that can help guide the way.

Keep in mind: CMS notes that Medicare beneficiaries “are eligible for telehealth services only if they are presented from an originating sitelocated in a rural health professional shortage area or in a county outside of a Metropolitan Statistical Area.”

Allowable telehealth services include certain consults, office visits, psychotherapy, end-stage renal disease, and pharmacologic managementcodes, and you should always append modifier GT (Via interactive audio and video telecommunications system) to the applicable CPT code.

For more on Medicare’s coverage of telehealth services, visit here.

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