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CMS’s Refusal to Pay Consults Makes MSP Claims a Headache

Posted on 12. Jan, 2010 by .


If you bill consults to private payers, good luck collecting the balance from Medicare secondary payers.

Don’t even think about billing a consult to Medicare — even if it’s only a secondary payer claim. Medicare may have scratched consultations off of its list of payable services, but many other insurers did not follow suit. This leaves you in a quandary when your physician performs a consult and the primary insurer pays you for it, but Medicare is the secondary payer.

“Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) will not pay for consults,” says Samantha Daily, billing specialist with Urologic Consultants, PC in Portland, Ore. She points coders toward MLN Matters article MM6740, which indicates the following:

“In MSP cases, physicians and others must bill an appropriate E/M code for the services previously paid using the consultation codes. If the primary payer for the service continues to recognize consultation codes,” you should bill in one of…

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