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Hip Injection With Fluoro — Is Coding Both Allowed?

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You have two options depending on how the physician performed the procedure.

Question: Our orthopedist administered a hip injection under fluoroscopy. Can I report both codes?

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Answer: You can code both the injection and fluoroscopy, but the correct choices depend on how your physician completed the procedure.

Option 1: If your orthopedist injected radiopaque dye and performed the arthrography concurrently, code the procedure with 27093 (Injection procedure for hip arthrography; without anesthesia).

Option 2:

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Radiology Medical Coders – Tighten Up Your LAP-BAND Coding

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If your radiologist performs adjustments during the bariatric surgery’s global period, do this.

Question: Our radiologists perform percutaneous LAP-BAND adjustments. We report S2083 for the service and 77002 for the fluoroscopy. Is this the correct fluoroscopy code?

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Coding Compliance: OIG Targets Transforaminal Epidural Injections

Posted on 17. Feb, 2010 by .


Verify that you’re counting injections and levels correctly to keep claims clean.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) Work Plan for 2010 includes a closer look at Medicare payments for transforaminal epidural injections. The Work Plan specifically states, “We will review Medicare claims to determine the appropriateness of Medicare Part B payments for transforaminal epidural injections.”

Stay out of the OIG crosshairs by ensuring that your pain management specialist documents each procedure thoroughly. Follow these steps to count levels and assign the appropriate codes correctly.

1. Understand What ‘Transforaminal’ Means

Physicians often administer transforaminal epidurals laterally through the selected neuroforamen under fluoroscopy, says Joanne Mehmert, CPC, CCS-P, president of Joanne Mehmert and Associates in Kansas City, Mo. Once there, the physician performs an injection at the nerve root area to help relieve the patient’s pain. The medication goes into the anterior epidural space, “bathing” a specific spinal nerve as…

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5 Lessons Radiology Coders Should Learn From CCI 15.3

Posted on 15. Oct, 2009 by .


Wonder if there’s a method to the 76001 madness? Here’s where to look for answers.

The silver lining to the 18,000 Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) that just came rumbling in with CCI 15.3. Analyzing them can help you master radiology coding essentials — including follow-up CTs, fluoro, and more. Apply these five lessons to keep your claims looking their best.

Remember: The latest round of edits, version 15.3, went into effect Oct. 1. You can download the updates at the beginning of each quarter from the CMS Web site, suggests Alice E. Wonderchek, CMBS, CPC, billing and coding specialist with Franklin & Seidelmann Subspecialty Radiology in Beachwood, Ohio. You can download the CCI manual here, as well.

1. Proceed With Caution When Coding 76380

Randomly choose a code for computed tomography (CT) or computed tomography angiography (CTA), and odds are that CCI 15.3 bundles 76380 (Computed tomography,

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Op Note Decoder Ring: IVR & ‘Roadmapping’

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Interventional radiology coders: If you see the term ‘roadmapping’ in a note, that means the physician has superimposed a stored image upon a current image, explains Coding Institute speaker Betty Johnson.

Roadmapping helps doctors view blood vessels, because a stored image of a vessel filled with contrast material can be superimposed on a catheter image made during fluoroscopy.

Don’t Get Lost: Some physicians use the term ‘roadmapping’ much more generally. In their notes, ‘roadmapping’ doesn’t involve superimposing one image upon another, but simply looking around with the fluoroscope to get the lay of the land, warns Johnson. Make sure you understand exactly what your interventional radiologists mean when they use the term.

Betty Johnson’s Guide to Anatomy, Terminology & Physiology for IVR coders.

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