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Successfully Code Sunburn Treatment With This Guidance

Posted on 19. Apr, 2012 by .


With the summer here, your practice would probably be seeing more patients with painful sunburns requiring treatment—but can you report anything beyond an E/M code for your services? Read on to learn about various types of burns.

Your physician sees a patient who might technically be “burned,” can you report a burn treatment code for her? No, if a burn does not require any local treatment, then you should typically report the service with an E/M code.

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Prevent ROS Conundrums From Taking Down Your Level 4 and 5 E/M Coding

Posted on 02. Feb, 2011 by .


Level-four and level-five office visits are not unusual in a urology practice, but failing to incorrectly match the history, exam, and medical decision-making (MDM) can make you miss out on the higher level codes you could report.

The third element for the historical portion of an E/M service, after the chief complaint (CC) and the history of the present illness (HPI), is the review of systems (ROS) — this portion of the E/M service trips up many coders because often they must select a lower code simply because the provider didn’t document pertinent negative responses or inappropriately used the statement “all systems negative.”

Ensure you’re properly counting your urologist’s ROS with this primer to guarantee you’re not overcoding or undercoding his E/M services.

“The review of systems is a subjective account of a patient’s current and or past experiences with illnesses and or injuries affecting any of the 14 applicable organ…

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