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How Do I Code Genetic Counseling By A Physician

Posted on 21. Dec, 2009 by .


Limit 96040 to Trained Counselor

Question: May we report 96040 if our physician is performing genetic counseling?

Answer: You should report 96040 (Medical genetics and genetic counseling services, each 30 minutes face-toface with patient/family) only for a trained genetic counselor’s services. (Currently, the American Board of Genetic Counselors [ABMG] certifies genetic counselors in the US and Canada.) Don’t use 96040 for genetic counseling by a physician or nonphysician who is not a genetic counselor.

Although nothing precludes a physician from also being a genetic counselor, CPT states that if a physician provides genetic counseling to an individual, choose the appropriate E/M code. If the physician counsels a patient without symptoms or an established disease, CPT points you instead to 99401-99402 (Preventive medicine counseling …).

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