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Collect HPV Pay with Proper Screening vs. Reflex Diagnoses

Posted on 10. Jun, 2010 by .


Align ‘medical necessity’ with ICD-9 instruction.

Ordering a human papillomavirus (HPV) screen with a Pap test isn’t the same as ordering a reflex HPV screen following an abnormal Pap. Although ICD-9 instruction and coverage rules might appear to be at loggerheads, our experts can show you the way out.

Question: Should the physician order a screening and/or reflex HPV Pap test (such as 87621, Infectious agent detection by nucleic acid [DNA or RNA]; papillomavirus, human, amplified probe technique) with V73.81 (Special screening examination for human papillomavirus [HPV])?

What you stand to gain: “Many ‘V’ codes are paid as part of a screening benefit for patients who have those specific benefits,” says Tina Burkhalter, billing manager with SouthEastern Pathology in Rome, Ga. On the other hand,

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