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CPT 2010 Update: Laboratory & Pathology Coding

Posted on 29. Nov, 2009 by .


Stop using general codes for analyte-specific tests. Here’s why.

You have 15 new codes scattered throughout the pathology/laboratory CPT chapter, so we’ll help you jump start your 2010 claims with this how-to inventory. “From chemistry to surgical pathology, you’ll find new codes in CPT 2010 that you need to know,” says Peggy Slagle, CPC, billingcompliance coordinator at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

Chemistry changes — CPT 2010 has three new chemistry codes

• 83987 — pH; exhaled breath condensate
• 84145 — Procalcitonin (PCT)
• 84431 — Thromboxane metabolite (s), including thromboxane if performed, urine.

In addition to the new pH code (83987), CPT 2010 revises pH code 83986 to change “except blood” to “not otherwise specified.” “The change clarifies what has been proper coding all along — that you should not use 83986 for urine pH, because existing urinalysis codes 81000-81003 describe that test, says…

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POLs: Here Are the New ‘CLIA-Waived’ Procedures

Posted on 13. Mar, 2009 by .


Effective April 1, physician office labs will be able to report a slate of additional codes as “CLIA-wavied,” thanks to Feb. 27 CMS transmittal 1689.

New! 2009 Lab/Pathology Coder’s Survival Guide.

According to the directive, you’ll have to append modifier QW (CLIA-waived test) to the newly-approved CLIA-waived codes, which include the following, among others:

• 81003 — Consult diagnostics urine analyzer
• 87880 — Henry Schein one step+ strep A dipstick test
• 83036 — Siemens DCA 2000 and 2000+ analyzer
• 82947 and 82950-82952 — Abbott iSTAT G Cartridge (Whole blood)
• 84295, 84132, and 85014 –Abbott i-STAT E3+ Cartridge (Whole blood)
• 83986 — Common sense Ltd. Norma-Sense vaginal discharge pH test
• 80101 — Mossman Associates NicCheck I Test Strips

To read CMS’ transmittal 1689, go here. To read the MLN Matters article, go here.

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