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Weber B Fracture Repair: 27786, 27788 or 27792?

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Question: Which CPT and ICD-9 codes should we report when the surgeon dictates a Weber B fracture repair?

Answer: Depending on whether the surgeon performed an open or closed repair, you should select a code from the following range for a Weber B fracture:

• 27786 – Closed treatment of distal fibular fracture (lateral malleolus); without manipulation

• 27788 – … with manipulation

• 27792 — Open treatment of distal fibular fracture (lateral malleolus), includes internal fixation, when performed.

Orthopedic surgeons often use terms in their dictation that don’t appear in CPT, and “Weber B” is one of those. When a surgeon addresses a Weber B fracture, he is usually treating a fracture in the distal fibula, which is coded as a lateral malleolar fracture (824.2-824.3).

The Weber classification describes only the level of the distal fibular fracture, which could also be part of a bimalleor or trimalleolar fracture pattern (although rare),…

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