Medical Office Billing: Benefits Verification, Copayment and Consolidated Billing

Is Lack of Verification Costing Your Practice? Stop the Bleeding

Implement an eligibility check before the patient comes into your office

Verifying insurance coverage and benefits eligibility consumes precious time and resources in a practice. When a third-party payer keeps your staff on hold for inordinate amounts of time, you may start wondering whether you should take time to verify at all. But if you don’t check and confirm each patient’s insurance coverage, you could be costing the practice much more time and money on the back end from denied claims and lost copayments.

By checking a patient’s insurance eligibility, you prevent not only claim denials but also payment delays that arise when patient insurance information doesn’t match up with the carrier’s.

Don’t worry: If you set up a solid, streamlined process, insurance verification will become second nature. Follow these expert tips and get...

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