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Results from June 27, 2012

Poll Results: NCD Coming to SuperCoder’s Compliance Tool Bar

You told us you need National Coverage Determination (NCD) Lookup in an online coding resource. And now you’ve told us where you want it: as a standalone tool like SuperCoder’s LCD Lookup tool. Now we’re working to make that a reality. Stay tuned for the introduction of NCDs into SuperCoder’s compliance tools – part of Fast Coder and Coding Solutions.

Where and How Do You Want NCD Information Displayed in an Online Coding Resource? Percent
Combined results with LCD Lookup 6
On CPT Code Details page next to ICD-9 Crosswalk codes 4
On CPT Code Details pages under Related CMS Articles 4
On ICD-9 Code Details pages 2
On ICD-9 Code Details pages under Related CMS Articles 4
Searchable by CPT code 6
Searchable by keyword 2
Separate tool like LCD Lookup 71


Results from June 11, 2012

Poll Results: Accuracy, Speed Are Coders’ Biggest Concerns 

Assigning the correct code and meeting the daily quota loom largest in coders’ minds. Every business day, coders fret most about coding accuracy and speed, according to the latest Coding News poll. “One of the easiest and least expensive ways to reduce coding errors and downtime is to switch to an online resource that combines all of a coder’s must-have essentials in one place,” says Jen Godreau, CPC, CPMA, CPEDC, Director of Development and Operations, for the Coding Institute.

Online coding resources can save coders time with simultaneous searches across multiple codesets and can boost accuracy rates with easy-to-understand guidance. Physician Coder is a great option which streamlines coders’ work by connecting code search to allowed modifiers, examples, and advice from specialty-specific Coding Alert articles.

What coding aspect is your top concern? Percent
accuracy – correct code, correct modifier 49
compliance – CCI edits, CMS guidelines, payer requirements 13
denials – reducing amount 3
reimbursement – getting maximum allowed pay 2
speed – meeting quota, efficiency 34

Results from May 9, 2012

Poll Results: Most Coders Start as Uncertified Coders 

Most of you have fellow coders to share general coding challenges with but when it comes to specialty-specific advice you have to go it alone. Fifty-one percent of coders working in an office with other coders each code for a different specialty, according to a May SuperCoder Bolt poll. Guidance from a Coding Alert offered in 30+ specialties can go a long way in easing your daily work struggles.

Do you work in an office with other coders who code the same specialty as you? Percent
Yes 20
No, I am the only on-site coder 24
No, I work off-site alone 4
No, each coder codes a different specialty 51


Results from April 25, 2012

Poll Results: Most Coders Start as Uncertified Coders 

Turns out employment comes before certification for most coders, according to a SuperCoder Bolt poll.

Did you have a coding certification before you got your first paying job? Percent
Yes 18
No 82


Results from March 25, 2012

Poll Results: Coders Want Description, Modifier Comparisons

At a glance, you’d like to see several codes’ descriptions and allowed modifiers. Keeping true to SuperCoder’s dedication to make customer-selected improvements, SuperCoder will introduce a compare codes area under My Account. You’ll be able to enter a certain amount of CPT® codes and view on a single page their AMA descriptor along with each code’s CPT® and CMS accepted modifiers. Look for this new feature coming soon to SuperCoder’s new site.

Compare-a-Code Choices Percent
Code descriptors 19
Total relative value units (RVUs) 6
National payment rate 0
Local payment rate 3
Allowed modifiers 10
Other 0

Results from Feb. 8, 2012 

Poll Results: Mouse Pads, SuperCoder T-s Top Conference Want List 

We’re gearing up to knock your socks off at the 2012 AAPC National Conference in Las Vegas! And shockingly, you want mouse pads most! We’ll have plenty of SuperCoder t-shirts, the second top requested item. Come visit us at Booth 100!

Favorite Conference Giveaways Percent
Water bottle 1
SuperCoder T-shirt 24
Nail polish 0
Flashlight 1
First aid kit 8
Toothpaste 0
Business card holder 1
Headache medicine 0
Tote bag 21
Mouse pad 45

Results from Jan. 25, 2012 

Poll: Coding Guidelines Voted #1 ICD-10 Training Item 

The CMS recommended timeline indicates coders should now be getting familiar with the differences between the ICD-9 codeset and ICD-10 codeset, studying anatomy and pathophysiology knowledge, and learning guideline basics. While general ICD-10-CM information and system improvements tie for second place, coding guidelines ranks number 1 on the top ICD-10 learning aspect.

ICD-10 Training Aspect Percent
General ICD-10-CM information (including structure) 13
Coding Guidelines 18
Code Mapping (GEMs) 7
Anatomy & physiology 10
Specifics to my specialty 9
Documentation changes for providers 10
News updates 6
ICD-10-PCS 6
Timelines 4
Superbill conversion 3
Peers Stories 3
System improvements (superbill/EMR changes) 13


Results from Jan. 18, 2011 

Poll: Most Groups Code Consults Depending on Payer  

Most of you juggle the tricky task of coding consultations based on payer. For Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, you report office visit (99201-99215) or hospital care services (99221-99223). Only a few groups have adopted uniform billing in which consultations are never reported with 99241-99255 regardless of the patient’s insurer. 

Action: Keep sticking to your compliance plan specifics. And if your compliance plan doesn’t cover consult coding protocol, ask your compliance officer to add an entry as a 2012 goal.

Coding Stumpers Percent
99241-99255 for payers allowing the codes, 99201-99223 for Medicare beneficiaries 81
99201-99223 regardless of insurer 19


Results from Dec. 28, 2011 

Poll: Coding Certification Is Top New Year’s Goal 

Growing your career in various ways made the top three resolutions for 2012. The top ranked new year’s resolution for coders is attaining a new coding certification. Speaking at a coding event and understanding all the coding changes tied for second place. We’ll be eager to hear new speakers and have more certified coders. Way to go!

Coding Stumpers Percent
Understand all my specialty’s coding changes by Jan 30. 21
Write a compliance plan 1
Review EOBs so I know codes being denied and not paid. 11
Attain a new coding certification. 32
Help mentor a beginning or inexperienced coder. 1
Start attending AAPC or AHIMA chapter meetings. 9
Speak at a coding event. 21


Results from Dec. 14, 2011  

Poll: Medicare Is the Easiest to Understand  

Medicare is hands down the easiest insurer’s coding guidelines and policies, according to the latest SuperCoder Bolt poll. While reimbursement levels might make you cringe, their education and transparency are golden.

Coding Stumpers Percent
Aetna 6
Cigna 6
Medicare 35
Medicaid 3
Tricare 8
Other 29


Results from Nov. 23, 2011  

Poll: HCC, E/M Stump Coders the Most  

The tried and the new cause the most coding confusion. Many coders are just learning the ropes of Medicare Advantage’s hierarchical condition categories (HCCs), which require crossing ICD-9 codes to some 3,000 HCCs. With the OIG’s scrutiny on E/M levels, E/M coding and its inherent grayness still is a top education need for coders and physicians too.

Coding Stumpers Percent
E/M Levels 26
Fee Schedules 3
Category II 3
CPT Bundles 13
HCC 30


Results from Nov. 9, 2011  

Poll: Employment Tops Coder’s Blessings  

In a true sign that the U.S. economy is still struggling to recover, coders are hands down most thankful for having their jobs. The recent worry over whether ICD-10 will occur placed a distant second for items you’re glad aren’t here yet. Here’s what coders are most thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Most Thankful Percent
That ICD-10 isn’t here yet 14
That the health reform law’s gradual demise 3
For the new CPT® 2012 pathology codes 0
For ACOs 0
For having a job 83

Results from Oct. 26, 2011  

Poll: Economy Hits Encoders  

Coders demand an affordable online coding tool. Price is the #1 consideration, according to CodingNews pollees. Specialty-specific advice and plenty of tools are also strong considerations. 

Audit Target Percent of Pollees Who Are Most Scared of Target
Price 30
Search Speed & Ease 11
Specialty Advice 19
Code Explanations 4
Organization — Dashboard, CCI, Search 11
Tools — LCDs, Fee Schedules 15
Inclusion with Existing System — EHR, Epic 11


Results from Oct. 12, 2011  

E/M Target Keeps Coders Up at Night  

Along with the OIG’s 2012 Work plan release, coders are working to audit proof their coding by ensuring complete supporting documentation and accurate coding. The area you’re most concerned about being compliant with is E/M Coding Inclusions followed by incident to services. Here’s how the audit targets stack up in your book.

Audit Target Percent of Pollees Who Are Most Scared of Target
Incident to services 23
Compliance with assignment rules 6
E/M coding inclusions 34
Payment for ‘G’ modifiers with ABN 11
Hospital observation services 9
Place of service for OPPS versus MPFS 0
Debridement 17

Results From Sept 28, 2011  

Local AAPC & AHIMA Trail Behind “Other” as Always Attended Conference  

Coders, office managers, and physicians attend a wide variety of conferences with “Other” topping the Always Attend Conference List. Here are the conferences that SuperCoders attend to take home coding tips, practice management advice, and more:

Conference Percent of Pollees Who Attend
AAPC National 9
AAPC Regional 6
AAPC Chapter 18
AMA CPT Symposium Chicago 2
CodingCon 2
Specialty Society 13
State Medical Society 5
Other 24

Coders Want Health Care Law Repealed   

66 percent of pollees believe that the healthcare law should be appealed.  

Results: From July 13, 2011  

 HEM Counting Is Most Needed E/M Lesson

Every year, the Office of Inspector General (OIG)’s report highlights problems with reporting E/M codes, which means auditors are always scrutinizing E/M claims for mistakes. Practices are most concerned with:
Options Results
Counting history, exam, and medical dec making 44%
Picking correct E/M level 40%
Time based billing for counseling/care coordination, 10%
New versus established patient guidelines 6%

Results: From June 29, 2011
Coders Agree ICD-10 Will Further Their Career


No big surprise – the codeset change that will require new claim forms, system updates, superbill rehauls, EMR adjustments, and more is also the one that can grow your coding career the most. Seventy six percent of voters said that ICD-10 education will pay off in spades. Ironically, ICD-10’s predecessor, ICD-9, drew the next largest votes with 10 percent of CodingNews pollees indicating current diagnoses education would provide the greatest job growth and options. Despite physician mergers with healthcare systems, only 13 percent of combined coders felt learning facility codesets (APC, DRG, and HCC) would take their careers – and salaries – to new heights. 
Challenge Percentage
APC 6%
ASA 0%
DRG 5%
HCC 3%
ICD-9 10%
ICD-10 76%




Results: From June 16, 2011


Regulations Pose Top Challenge to Completing Daily Duties 
Turns out big brother creates the biggest obstacle to your work day. With HIPAA, EMTALA, RACs, ZPICs and more you’ve got to take on more and more responsibilities making getting through your stack of claims and tasks harder than ever. The trustworthy Coding Institute staff are available in SuperCoder.com/Forums and on SuperCoder Specialty Corners to hold your hand with coding advice that’ll make complying with these guidelines easier and faster. Here are other obstacles you face: 
Challenge Percentage
Staffing shortages 19%
Increased responsibilities due to more regulations 38%
Varying payer policies 25%
Preparing for 5010 19%




Results: From April 27, 2011
How do you like to search for codes in an electronic product?


An overwhelming majority of respondents prefer the flexibility of having all options in their code search while the seemingly tedious search via answering a series of questions brought in zero preference. 
Options Result
Using all keywords 15%
Using alphabetic index terms only 8%
By answering a series of questions 0%
I want all options depending on what I’m looking for 77%




Results: From April 13, 2011
What Causes You the Most Coding Headaches?


Most coders have figured out the daily challenges of assigning codes and applying modifiers. But what drives us crazy is different payers policies. Keeping track of – and up to speed – with the constantly shifting variations causes you the most coding headaches. Here are how these issues cause your peers blood to boil: 
Options Result
Applying modifiers 16%
Understanding payers’ differing policies 55%
Convincing decision makers of ICD-10 training needs 14%
Finding the correct CPT code 11%
Reporting diagnoses 7%




Results: From March 23, 2011
How did you first learn to code or bill?


For medical coding training, in the trenches reigns supreme. Despite well developed curriculums offered at community colleges and the convenience of online education, most people learned coding the old fashioned way – from a mentor. Here’s how your peers have learned how to code claims: 
Options Result
On the job training from a mentor 57%
A community college curriculum 16%
An online curriculum 7%
Other 22%




Results: From March 9, 2011
Which E/M guidelines do you like more?


For a patient encounter, the physicians can use either the 1995 documentation guidelines or 1997 documentation guidelines; however the rules defining the levels of physical exam are quite different for each. We asked you which one do you like more in our last poll question, and clearly 1995 E/M guidelines stand as a winner with 76% votes. 
Options Result
1995 44%
1997 33%




Results: From Feb 23, 2011
Are your major insurers accepting new CPT® 2011 codes?


With the start of the New Year comes a slew of changes not just in your coding but also in the way insurers view your claims. We asked you if insurers are accepting new CPT® 2011 codes without a hitch since January 1. So here the results: 
Options Result
Yes, without problems since Jan. 1 44%
Yes, after appeals with added documentation 33%
No, with another implementation date given 28%
No, will accept as of June 1 6%




Results: From Feb 9, 2011
Which Page Would You Make Your SuperCoder Home Page?


The results are in on which page you would like to build your code site around. Most coders want the SuperCoder Home Page to center around the Code Search for easy code look up. A runner up is to have your home page be Specialty Codesets and Content. Code Detail inner pages and CCI Tool place #3 and #4. Here are the complete stats: 
Options Result
Code Search 36%
Specialty Codesets and Content 28%
Code Detail 24%
CCI Tool 20%
Advanced Search 12%




Results: From Jan 26, 2011
Can You Surf the Web at Work?


A workplace Internet policy usually imposes time and site restrictions on employees. We asked you what kind of internet access your employer allows. So here are the results. Majority of people have restricted access and only a few have no access at all. It seems the rules are becoming tighter at the workplace. 
Options Result
Restricted Access 74%
Unrestricted Access 21%
No Access 5%




Results: From Jan 12, 2011
What’s Your 2011 Audit Plan?


Regular audits can arm entities with the knowledge and insights to monitor finances and growth, and align them with business strategies. It seems most of you prefer in house audits — considering the high cost of out of house audits. A good number of people plan to combine in house and out of house audits for their entities. Here are the counts: 
Options Result
In House 58%
in House and Out of House 29%
Out of House 6%
None 7%




Results: From Dec 22, 2010
Which feature would you most like to see in SuperCoder in 2011?


The results are in on what you want to see in SuperCoder and it seems like most of you are interested in EM auditor and ICD-10 Curriculum. Claim Scrubber (real time code entry), AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic, and Hospital Tools also stood as most preferred choices. Here are the complete counts: 
Options Result
Hospital Tools 9.09%
Claims Scrubber (real time code entry) 14.55%
Medical Dictionary 9.09%
EM Auditor 20%
DME 5.45%
ICD-10 Curricullum 18.18%
AHA ICD-9 Coding Clinic 7.27%
Modifier Crosswalk 3.64%
AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic 9.09%
Claims Scrubber (Batch submission) 1.82%
EMR compliance tool solution (for existing EMR) 1.82%




Results: From Dec 8, 2010
How Does Your Work Celebrate December?


 December is that month of the year when every employer decides how to celebrate the holidays – an office ham, gift certificate, or big party.  
We asked you how your entity plans to celebrate the holiday season. Most respondents (68%) have partying on the top of their minds, and it’s only a small minority (6%) that’s planning to volunteer. The “do-good” spirit, it seems, can wait. 
Options Result
Party 68%
Gift 29%
Volunteer 6%
Nothing 16%




Results: From Nov 24, 2010
How Far Did You Travel for Turkey Dinner?


You’re bucking the trend of hitting the highways and skyways for your Thanksgiving festivities. 42 percent of you manage with your busy work schedules to host the day’s main repast. If you don’t play host, you have only a short trip to take your shared sweet potatoes or green bean casserole. 39 percent of pollees said they travel less than an hour from home. Hope the remaining 18 percent had time to catch the Sunday night holiday movies before returning to the five-day work week.   
Options Result
0 commute – we host 42%
0.1-5 miles – we join family & friends in town 9%
5.1-60 miles — we join family & friends a town or few over 30%
60.1- 180 miles – it’s a day trip for us 9%
180.1-240 miles – it’s an overnight at least 7%
240+ miles – we join the airport crowds 2%




Results: From Nov 3, 2010
RVUs, RBRVS, MPFS: What’s That?


Most coders are RVU advanced or savvy – and the rest want to learn more. At the AMA CPT® and RBRVS Annual Symposium, you get the lowdown on how much Medicare has agreed to pay for which codes. The speakers from the specialty societies indicate the society’s recommended relative value and/or work expense, and then the Medicare accepted value. Here’s how much you care about codes’ monetary assignments:   
Options Result
Very — I know work, PE, MP, and even knew when to use transitional. 42%
Somewhat — I knew what an RVU was. 33%
I’d like to know more — I can’t make heads or tails of those Fee Schedule columns. 17%
Not at all — I need to know the code changes, not the rates. 8%




Results: From Oct 28, 2010
Coder Productivity & Accuracy Requirements


 The majority (53%) of your employers require you code between 60-149 charts per day at a very high rate of accuracy — 95-98%. 31% of coders, however, code more than 150 charts a day with a fairly steady rate in the 300-800+ categories. Presumably these productivity requirements would be for specialties that do not require as much time to code per chart. E/M and Urology took the lead on specialties that you code for.  
Productivity Result
No charts per day 16%
60-149 charts per day 53%
150-199 charts per day 12%
200-299 charts per day 8%
300-399 charts per day 4%
400-799 charts per day 3%
800 or more charts per day 4%
Accuracy Rate Result
No accuracy rate 7%
80-89% accuracy 4%
90-94% accuracy 11%
95-98% accuracy 66%
99% accuracy 11%
Specialties Result
E/M 22%
ER 16%
General surgery 14%
Orthopedics 11%
Radiology 13%
Urology 24%




Healthcare Reform
Results from poll dated Oct. 14, 2010


If coders were in charge of healthcare reform, the majority of you would choose to make insurance coding rules uniform. Some of you think improving physician coding education would help, but most of you don’t think delaying ICD-10 implementation or EMR requirements would make a significant improvement to the industry.  
Options Result
Reduce medical school debt 7%
Have uniform insurance coding rules 45%
Delay implementation of ICD-10 6%
Delay EMR requirement 3%
Increase physician payments 12%
Improve physician coding training 15%
Other 12%




Lesuire Time
Results from poll dated Sept 22, 2010


Families benefit from your spare time. Here’s how you spend your free time:  
Options Result
With Family 61.2%
Have dinner at a restaurant 14.3%
Exercise, hike, bike 8.2%
Meet friends for a drink 8.2%
See a movie 4.1%
Shop 4.1%




Coders’ Roles
Results from poll dated Sept. 8, 2010


The results are in on Coders’ Roles – and most of you provide coding. You’re also busy with compliance responsibilities and some of you do education and auditing. Here are the counts: 
Expertise Provided Percent of Responses
Coding 88.9
Compliance 72.2
Education 64.8
Auditing 64.8
Billing 59.3

Poll Results: NCD Lookup, CCI Edits Checker Top Online Coding Tool Requirements 

With most private payers now adapting Medicare’s National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits, complying with these hard-to-understand coding allowances are the number two resource, online coding software buyers want. Fortunately, SuperCoder.com simplifies adhering to the edits by allowing users to enter 2-25 codes at a time, rather than the excel sheet traditional single pair lookup method. In addition, coders and billers can more readily identify allowed CCI code combinations with the online coding resource’s color coded system. Supervisors praise the tool’s streamlining benefits which include sorting the codes in descending relative value order and offering one-click access to complete code information.

To ensure documentation, medical necessity, and other coverage criteria are met, National Coverage Determination (NCD) Lookup tops the Online Coding Resource Inclusion Importance chart. SuperCoder strives to respond to consumers’ top needs and has NCD Lookup planned as an immediate improvement to the compliance tools included in Fast Coder and Coding Solutions. Stay tuned for details.

Coders next picks for top inclusions in an online code lookup product

What Online Coding Resource Inclusion Is Most Important to You? Percent
CCI Edit Checker 11
Code Historical Data 0
Code Search 4
Fee Schedules Lookup 0
ICD-9 CPT Crosswalk 4
J Code NCD Crosswalk 0
Lay Terms 1
LCD Lookup 4
Modifier Crosswalk 3
NCD Lookup 69

Results from May 23, 2012