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Skin Case: Solve this Porokeratotic Lesion Excision Puzzle

Posted on 23. Apr, 2015 by in Hot Coding Topics

Don’t fall for DSAP diagnosis trap.

Your surgeon treats a patient with a fairly large, circular keratotic lesion on a patient’s right ankle. That sounds like a simple enough case, but read on to see what trials await you as you zero in on the proper diagnosis and procedure codes.

Focus on Diagnosis

The patient presents with a 0.9 cm lesion on the right ankle that appears hyperkeratotic. Suspecting a wart (078.1, Viral warts) or actinic keratosis (702.0, Actinic keratosis), the surgeon treats the lesion.

The patient returns three months later because the lesion has returned. It is now 1.3 cm in diameter and consists of a “plaque” surrounded by a ridge-like border. The surgeon removes the lesion and sends the specimen to pathology. The pathology report reveals a classic cornoid lamella, which is a thin vertical column of parakeratosis in the epidermal stratum corneum that makes up the outer...

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