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Pay Attention, Radiology Coders! More Than Half of This CPT® Assistant Is Dedicated to You!

Posted on 19. Nov, 2014 by in Hot Coding Topics

The September 2014 CPT® Assistant is brimming with recent coding updates and coding tips for deciding when to report fluoroscopy separately. Find out how the CPT® 2015 code set will impact bundling of intrathecal contrast administration via lumbar injection and myelographic radiologic S & I.  The issue also briefs you on how to append modifier 59 to computed tomography of the spine with contrast if the provider performs CT subsequent to a myelogram on the same patient the same day.

Reviewing the latest issue will also improve your understanding of how to report an anogenital examination. To get spot-on guidance, simply type a code or keyword into’sCode Connect to see the September article that suits your needs:

  • Anogenital Examination: 99170
  • Fluoroscopy Codes: 76000, 76001, 71023, 71034, 36597, 64581, 49440, 49441, 49442, 49446, 49450, 49451, 49452, 49460, 49465, 64561
  • ICD-10-CM “Z” Codes
  • Myelography and Injection Procedure Codes : 72240,


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