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CCI 15.0 Update for Orthopedic Coders

Posted on 13. Feb, 2009 by in Hot Coding Topics

Consider Nerve Blocks, Injections Inherent to Most New Ortho Codes — Or Face Denials

Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) version 15.0 has lots of edits for orthopedic codes, but our simple 5-step action plan will steer your orthopedic practice clear of Medicare payback requests for fixation, fasciotomy, and aspiration services.

Step 1: Include X-Rays in Multiplane Fixation Codes

First off, your new multiplane external fixation codes (20696, Application of multiplane [pins or wires in more than one plane], unilateral, external fixation with stereotactic computer-assisted adjustment [e.g.,spatial frame], including imaging; initial and subsequent alignment[s], assessment[s], and computation[s] of adjustment schedule[s]); and 20697 (… exchange [i.e., removal and replacement] of strut, each) did not escape CCI 15.0’s notice.

AUDIO ON DEMAND: 2009 Orthopedic Coding Update with Annette Grady.

Codes 20696 and 20697 include dozens of edits, including many x-ray, CT, and MRI codes. Also, these two...

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