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New CPT® Assistant Holds the Key to 2014′s Cardiovascular and Medicine Changes

Posted on 08. Sep, 2014 by .


The July 2014 CPT® Assistant is brimming with updates made to the CPT® 2014 Medicine/Cardiovascular section. Find out how the introduction of several new codes in the cardiovascular section has affected the reporting of various services. You’ll increase your understanding of the changes created by revisions to codes for implantable and wearable cardiac device evaluations, injection procedures, and cardiac catheterization.

Other areas featured in the July 2014 CPT® Assistant include insights about code 92626, Evaluation of auditory rehabilitation status, and conventions of ICD-10-CM.You can use’s Code Connect code and keyword search to update your skills on the following topics:

  • Auditory Rehabilitation Status Evaluation: 92590, 92601-92604, 92626-92627
  • Cardiovascular Procedures/Services in Medicine Updates: 0319T-0328T, 93279-93299, 93451-93464, 93530-93533, 93561-93562, 93582
  • Cine/Video Pharyngeal and Speech Evaluations and Laryngography : 70371, 70373, 74230, 92611
  • Coding Correction: 27650-27654, 49650, 49659
  • ICD-10-CM Conventions
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    Adaptive Behavior Assessment Code Implementation Showcased in Latest CPT® Assistant

    Posted on 02. Sep, 2014 by .


    The June 2014 CPT® Assistant guides you through the implementation of CPT®category III adaptive behavior assessment and treatment codes and guidelines on July 1, 2014. You’ll come across a list of guiding principles that led to the development of assessment and treatment codes by a panel of members representing psychiatry, clinical social workers, behavioral analysts, payers, and many more to help you better understand and apply these codes. Be sure you don’t miss out on the assessment codes that enable the provider to identify adaptive behavior treatment and developing a plan of care.  

    Other areas featured in the June 2014 CPT® Assistant include active wound care management through low frequency ultrasound and conventions of ICD-10-CM. You can use’s Code Connect code and keyword search to update your skills on the following topics: 

    • Active wound-care management: low-frequency ultrasound: 97597, 97598, 97602, 97610, 0183T
    • Adaptive behaviour assessments and treatment: 90791,

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    Most Recent CPT® Assistant Fixes Your Coding for 4 Different Surgery Specialties

    Posted on 18. Jul, 2014 by .


    The May 2014 CPT® Assistant starts off with a bang, featuring a 2014 code update article for four surgical areas: integumentary, respiratory, digestive, and urinary. Need to know what to do when the physician gets a specimen mammogram to verify calcification before the specimen heads to pathology? Want to be sure you’re reporting same-side pleural drainage and pleural catheter insertion correctly? See what the latest CPT® Assistant has to say.

    You’ll find other 2014 updates in the May CPT® Assistant, too. You’ll also be able to prepare for coding beyond 2014 with helpful hints for ICD-10. Finding these articles is as simple as searching’s Code Connect by code and keyword:

    • Abscess drainage, perirenal or renal: 10030, 49405-49407, 50020, 50021, 75989
    • General surgery 2014 update: 10030, 13150-13153, 19081-19086, 19100, 19101, 19281-19288, 32550, 32554-32557, 32674, 38746, 50630, 51702, 52000, 52320, 52325, 52327, 52330, 52332, 52334, 52335,

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    Revised Intracardiac Ablation Code Sets Presented in Latest CPT® Assistant

    Posted on 09. Jun, 2014 by .


    The April 2014 CPT® Assistant is stuffed with helpful hints on the 2014 revisions in the guidelines and code descriptors used for cardiac ablation and electrophysiological studies. You’ll find amendments in existing parenthetical notes that will offer supplementary directions for appropriate reporting of codes as well as aid in describing the purpose of complex procedures. The issue also presents additional series of codes that you can report with a particular electrophysiological study code.

    Other topics the April 2014 CPT® Assistant covers include Intraoperative neurophysiology, psychiatric changes for 2014, and much more. Put’s Code Connect code and keyword search to good use to deepen your understanding of these topics:

    • ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM Comparison
    • Intracardiac Electrophysiological Procedures/Studies Update: 93279, 93280, 93281, 93282, 93283, 93284, 93286, 93287, 93288, 93289, 93600, 93602, 93603, 93609, 93610, 93612, 93613, 93615, 93616, 93618, 93619, 93620, 93621, 93622, 93623, 93641, 93642, 93653, 93654, 93655, 93656, 93657,

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    2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule featured in latest CPT® Assistant

    Posted on 22. Apr, 2014 by .


    The just released February 2014 CPT® Assistant gives you the scoop on the changes made in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule in 2014. The detailed changes described for Medicare physician payment help you to understand various recommendations made for different services like site-specific psychotherapy services, high expenditure procedures, and more. Also find out how the physicians facing problems with electronic prescribing incentives can request that CMS review their case. You’ll also get details on Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction policies and how they pertain to specific CPT® codes. (Hint: You can check them in Medicare RBRVS: The Physician’s guide, RBRVS Data Manager, and also on the CMS website.)

    Other updates in the February 2014 CPT® Assistant include preparation for the ICD-10 code set and rigid and transnasal esophagoscopy coding. You can also use’s Code Connect search to update your skills on the following topics:


    • ICD-10 preparation
    • Medicare physician

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